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Rich Laiacona

Know Your PCs

I recently started up a Super Hero Campaign and we are all having fun, until last game.

The majority of the group has been playing RPGs for ten to thirty years and have a good idea of how to play a table top RPG.

The one player that is new does an excellent job roleplaying, so much that you would think she had been doing it for years. However she does not know combat and confrontation with the villains. So when I described the situation and how the bad guy was doing things, I hinted that he was a very good hand to hand combatant. The fight was going in his favor and one player already retreated because of it. She thought that her dice were not rolling right or she just had bad luck. No. The bad guy had the advantage and she did not know that because she does not know combat.

Afterwards I talked to her and found out what she did not know. So from now on when I think the characters should know something and the player does not, I will send them a note advising them based off of what their character would know.

This is a are that I have not explored and I will keep you advised on my progress and my findings. It is a hard road to follow because you do not want to play the characters for them.


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